HAVE A GOOD HEALTH Healthy Habits: March 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lentils-some basic facts

Here's a surprising fact: Canada is the world's largest exporter of lentils, distributing this healthy legume to over 100 different countries annually. Despite that, lentils are under-appreciated in this country. They're staple food for much of the rest of the world, and for good reason: 100 grams of lentils provide 26 grams of protein and 7.5 grams of iron (60 percent of your daily needs). This makes them a great choice for vegetarians, who often struggle to get enough of these body-building nutrients, but they are a great addition to any diet as a healthy and affordable source of protein.
Five reasons why lentils are a superfood
1. High source of vegetarian protein: Protein induces satiety (the feeling of fullness) faster than fats and carbohydrates, and also keeps blood insulin levels from spiking. Frequent insulin spikes can lead to constant elevated blood glucose, and even diabetes.

2. Great source of fibre: The colon is the main exit route for moving toxins and excess cholesterol out of your body, and fibre is what binds these wastes for healthy elimination, making it the ultimate cleanser. This intestinal detox pathway must be functioning properly in order to clear out your whole body's toxins effectively. The green lentils in the salad below have the highest fibre content of any lentil.

3. Get rid of that spare tire: In a recent 18-month study, folks who enjoyed lots of pulses (edible seeds of leguminous plants) like lentils lost more belly weight! Their fibre intake was higher, vitamins and minerals like chromium were better maintained, and the glycemic index of their meals was lower. The glycemic index measures how fast a food raises your blood sugar. If your blood sugar goes too high, then insulin will shuttle more fat around your middle. 

4. Maintain normal blood pressure: Lentils are packed with potassium, which is needed in balance with sodium to maintain a smooth heartbeat and normal blood pressure. These two electrolytes keep your heart beating properly.

5. Improve liver function: Lentils contain high amounts of choline, which the liver uses to package fat for distribution throughout the body. Choline helps prevent build-up of fat in the liver, which can lead to a condition known as fatty liver. If fat infiltrates the liver, it can lead to cell death and hinder the liver’s ability to properly filter toxins. So clean up your act with choline!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Most of the popular Bollywood Actors like Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham, Arjun Rampal and Aamir Khan take good care of their bodies. And probably that is the reason why they look much younger to than their age.

Salman Khan’s Fitness Trainer:

This is what Style and Fitness Guru - Salman Khan has to say.........
“I cycle, swim, go to the gym, eat the right kind of food and sleep late as I don’t get sleep easily and wake up early, that’s the secret behind my age.”
Salman's physic trainer, Manish Advilkar  , has this to tell all his fans across the world.
Manish Advilkar  also trained Salman over six tedious years. When he first call me , I concentrated on fine-tuning is exercise routine, making it more structured and streamlined,"says Advilkar.
Today,  of course his body speaks for his dedication. No matter how punishing his shooting schedule, Salman will find time to exercise...
He even calls me up at 3-4 am for a training session.
“He does unbelievable stuff like 1,000 push-ups a day or 2,000 sit-ups a day” says Manish Advilkar,  Discipline and dedication have been the two pillars of Salman’s fitness success.

 “His body structure is not like a body builder's but good muscles, perfectly in shape and no fat” says personal trainer D’Souza.

Work keeps Salman busy most of the times. Thus, at times he starts his workout as late as 2 am. Salman works out for at least two hours continuously. His workout includes one hour of cardio, concentrating on any two body parts each time- triceps, legs, back and biceps

He is very particular and serious about his workout and once in the gym, nothing affects his concentration. While in the gym, if someone approaches him for an autograph or a photograph, he asks them to wait until he is finished with his training. He has got perfect abs and works a lot to keep them in shape. “He does five hundred crunches, pull-ups and chin-ups” adds D’Souza.
Exercise releases endorphins ,those feel good hormones in the brain, and  riding the wave , trainer and pupil sculpt the body that earned bollywood star the moniker, "Shirtless Wonder".
While weights have gained for Salman the contours the camera captures so vividly, his cardiovascular routine is punishing too. When the mood overtakes Salman , he goes cycling three hours to panvel,"explains Advilkar."personally, I would find that a real challenge too."